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KI – One of the basic Hiragana characters. Hiragana is phonetic in nature. The characters represent sounds, and can be combined to form the sounds of words. Hiragana characters are used for Japanese words only.

Hiragana is composed of 50 sounds, of which 46 are currently in use. One interesting thing is the base characters can be modified to other sounds with the addition of small marks.

し じ

Above left is the sound si and with the addition of the dot, it becomes zi or ji sound.

I can see there will be much to learn for me, but what I’m hoping to gain first is a familiarity with the various symbols. Once I can recognize a majority, it will easier to begin the work book.

Thanks to @thepete and @pacificIt for the recommendations about entering Japanese characters. I played with that on the computer at work today, and now used it here on the Mac. Rocks!

On no longer being a ‘blogger’ –


That’s me in the corner, choosing my domain name…

Okay, it’s not that dramatic, but yeah, I’m looking for a new domain name before I move to host the blog off WordPress. Since I’m no genius in this area, I figure it’s time to solicit help from my friends online.

Yes, that’s right, I’m calling on you for advice. Yeah, that lady with the sexy twitter voice, and you, the guy with the out there avatar, and of course, those with pink boas.

What do you need to do to help? Just answer a few questions for me. Heck, I’m even going to be flexible about how you can answer, since I’m a online sort of guy.

First the questions, and boy are they easy…

1) Domain name – funny or serious?

2) Go with .com? .net? .org? or .name?

3) Favorite ice cream flavor

4) Is it okay to talk about sex on my blog?

Please answer any, all or only one, but I’d really appreciate the feedback. You can answer in the comments, drop me a tweet @tojosan, call me and leave a message at 636-486-4723, or email me tojosan –

There’s free ice cream for the first best response. 😉



People frame the oddest things

Are Virtual Friends as good as Real Friends?

Paisano‘s Mobile post sent by tojosan using Utterz. Replies. mp3

So my friend Paisano asks if virtual friends are as good as real friends. The key question though, is there a difference? One gets from his Utter that the virtual friends would be online only friends.

My experience has been that I’ve had good personal and in person relationships forming that started out as online only ones. Our friend Karen was once just the person behind the pictures of *Karen on Flickr. Now we’ve visited with her a couple of times and had a blast. Of course it’s led the obligatory exchanging of seasonal cards and such too. Something that our physical world friends don’t place a lot of value on.

Online friendship has also led to in person meetings at two well attended blogger meetups and one tweetup here in St. Louis. Those events are helping to cement relationships that were once only virtual. Enough of going that direction, let’s talk about my experience with the physical world friends. You’d think getting the opportunity to spend time in person would result in a significant amount of time being spent together.

The truth? Not anymore than I spend with my virtual friends, and sadly, often not anymore fulfilling. Why do I think that is? Because my real world friends ‘know me’, or think they do. But because they work with me, and shared a lunch or three, there is the tendency to categorize on lunch time conversation. The opportunity for sharing is more focused around actual get togethers, and sadly unfed the rest of the time. The crux is that those I communicate with online are getting a lion’s share of exposure to me through Twitter, Utterz, Seesmic, my blogs, and my other socnet presences. The same probably holds true for you if your friends are spending some time online.

Just one example. I’ve started studying Japanese. I’ve only been going on about it for quite a few days, even showing off the books, sharing links, and asking for advice, yet a friend that supposedly reads my blog, and has seen me every day has some how missed that I’m trying to learn Japanese, and greeted the concept with more of an ah, that’s nice of one that ‘knows’ me. Compare that to the response online. No comparison honestly.

I’m done ranting and I’m sure many of you have had experiences that go both ways. Do you have online friends that are as good as your ‘real’ ones?

Weekends are made for Twitter

At least so says  According to the graphs provided there, my two highest usage days are Saturday and Sunday.  Most prolific months were December and now January.

Any big surprises? Not really, but let me share the top four folks I @ message.


One could do worse than to chat with that bunch any day of the week. See you on Twitter; I’m @tojosan.

Don’t Go Naked in Second Life

Make your own clothes!

One of my busiest online contacts, Rose Fire Rising, is at it again. This time with a tutorial on making your own clothing in Second Life.

It’s a tutorial with pictures.  Necessary for us more visual thinkers.From the knickers out to the shirt, this tutorial takes you from basic creation through colorization, textures, and layering.  Highly recommended for those less skilled in SL design.

Check it out here

Twitter Packs or Are you on the list?

So Chris Brogan has this great ideaTwitter Packs. When I first read that, I thought, Packs as in starter packs, but not exactly.What Chris did is start a wiki page with very lose organization, listing various folks on Twitter, himself included.  And then he told folks about it.  One can instantly imagine that folks took sides.  See his follow up post here.

For me, it was instant fun!  Talk about a neat idea.  Of course, the first thing one must do when checking such a list is look for themselves.  Sadly, Missouri had been forgotten, and thus me.  Tojosan has been summarily added along with a handful of other Missouri Twitterati.

Locations aren’t the only category now either.  There’s a page for topics, and a page for religious and sexual orientation. Wow.  Of course, they left off Baptist, go figure.  Fixed that!Finding the page on sexual orientation, one could argue that perhaps that was territory better left unexplored. Why? Because someone might tag you or someone else gay or straight, and it just might be wrong. Or worse yet, you might get outted and that wasn’t the plan. Yes, I was outted as a Baptist today. Don’t hate me please.

The page I found most interesting though was the company page. Company? No, not like my boring old company, but companies like Seesmic and such. Ever wanted to find out if these folks tweet or not, well there’s the place to do it at Twitter Packs.  Some of my contacts that I didn’t realize worked certain places turned up there. Cool!

So, it Twitter Packs going to survive the night? Maybe, but either way, it’s definitely interesting, and for me, I see the potential to find new friends and new partners there. How about it, are you in a Twitter Pack?

Learning Japanese – Online Resources

I’m beginning a list of online resources for learning Japanese. Most sites will be free, so perhaps this will leave off some of the better sites.

That’s just a few links. The plan is to get them all organized and posted on a Page vs a post.Please contribute any links that might be helpful. 

Learning Japanese, oh yes, I’m learning Japanese

Yes, I’m learning Japanese!
Here’s Amazon links for the two books I showed you.…f=wl_it_dp…d_bbs_sr_1
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The Forbidden Kingdom

Jackie Chan + Jet Li = Must see!See the trailer here