Shel Isreal sends open letter to Twitter Team

To: Evan Williams & Biz StoneRE: Fix it before we nix it

I am a huge fan. You are two good guys. Twitter is the most addictive thing I’ve experienced since I quit smoking in 1987, and it’s so much better for my health. I have built a multinational circle of friends because of Twitter. We care about each other even if many times we have never met.

Yes, I’m a fan too, and I’ll back Shel up on this letter. Get it working guys, and get it working right. Great product, but sadly the least reliable lately of the online tools I use.

Shel has four key points he suggests working on, but I’ll focus on just two:
1. Monetization
2. A Blog

Good grief Ev and Biz, you two are very personable and outgoing, why not share the Twitter love and actually interact with your fans. I know you guys actually use Twitter, and do engage folks, and even do interviews, but being more accessible can’t hurt.

As for the money side of things, well we saw hints of injected ads, but I’ve not seen hide nor hair of those lately. What about charging for premium features? Wait, Shel mentions that in his letter too.What do I suggest, since I’m sure you’re asking? Groups, Streams, and/or channels. Heck, the ability to have Twitter bots would be great. These would repeat Tweets back out to a group. Consider opening the cap up too for those that go pro. Heck, for $20/year, I’m in.

Enough of me ranting and piling on with Shel. What are your thoughts folks? Drop me a comment or send me a tweet; I’m @tojosan.


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