Twitter Packs or Are you on the list?

So Chris Brogan has this great ideaTwitter Packs. When I first read that, I thought, Packs as in starter packs, but not exactly.What Chris did is start a wiki page with very lose organization, listing various folks on Twitter, himself included.  And then he told folks about it.  One can instantly imagine that folks took sides.  See his follow up post here.

For me, it was instant fun!  Talk about a neat idea.  Of course, the first thing one must do when checking such a list is look for themselves.  Sadly, Missouri had been forgotten, and thus me.  Tojosan has been summarily added along with a handful of other Missouri Twitterati.

Locations aren’t the only category now either.  There’s a page for topics, and a page for religious and sexual orientation. Wow.  Of course, they left off Baptist, go figure.  Fixed that!Finding the page on sexual orientation, one could argue that perhaps that was territory better left unexplored. Why? Because someone might tag you or someone else gay or straight, and it just might be wrong. Or worse yet, you might get outted and that wasn’t the plan. Yes, I was outted as a Baptist today. Don’t hate me please.

The page I found most interesting though was the company page. Company? No, not like my boring old company, but companies like Seesmic and such. Ever wanted to find out if these folks tweet or not, well there’s the place to do it at Twitter Packs.  Some of my contacts that I didn’t realize worked certain places turned up there. Cool!

So, it Twitter Packs going to survive the night? Maybe, but either way, it’s definitely interesting, and for me, I see the potential to find new friends and new partners there. How about it, are you in a Twitter Pack?


1 Response to “Twitter Packs or Are you on the list?”

  1. 1 chrisbrogan January 28, 2008 at 11:14 pm

    But are wikis leaving things off, or are they places where everyone is empowered to add. There wasn’t a they. It was everyone. And when I started, there was only Boston and San Francisco listed. I checked back 40 minutes later, and there was a whole page for geography.

    That’s how wikis work. The thing is, our only typical example is Wikipedia, which has been built out for years.

    You saw, in one day, several hundred acts of self-organization rarely touched by me, and not yet backed out by anyone, as far as I know. When someone broke something, someone else came in and fixed it.

    The lesson wasn’t the packs page. The lesson was the humans and what they did with it.

    Biggest concern: someone puts someone in a box they don’t deserve to be in. I’m gay or I’m a Baptist or I’m from Missouri (show me!). My thought on this: change it to what’s right.

    However, I *do* know that on wikipedia, there are sections that are just uneditable now, because it’s just a forever loop of controversy. Mostly? Religion pages.

    Will it last? *.deity knows. Did I learn from it? Volumes. Only, not the lesson that the naysayers-come-lately think I should’ve learned.

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