And on Valentine’s Day too


So this person adds me as a contact on ooVoo of all places. I just figured ‘she’ was another one of my Twitter contacts that found me there.  Today she started a text chat with me on ooVoo, introducing herself as Brena.  She said she worked for Unicef.

Well the chat progressed and we were making small talk about our jobs, where we live and how are days were.  Then she wants to go to IM since she has no camera.  I should have realized something was up then.  My Twitter buds are too smart to join something like ooVoo with no web cam.

Anyway, so we go to Yahoo chat. (i’ll shorten the story from here.) So then the next thing I know she’s sending me an email to my Yahoo account.  Which she insisted I check for it.  While I’m checking the mailbox, she starts telling me she’s really not in the US, but over seas in West Africa somewhere.  Working of course.  (I’d so figured it out this was a scam by this point.)

So I got the email and it’s four pictures of some blond woman.  Semi provocative but all were clothed though.  Safe for kids eyes.  But what the heck? Sending me those  types of pictures was certainly not invited.  Then it comes. She asked me about banking.  When I said that was none of her business, her come back was that I just didn’t understand her need.  She was in need and stuck in Africa.

While she chatted at me, I was busy blocking and removing her from my contacts.  The last one was on ooVoo, only because I’m slow, and after we got cut off otherwise, she sent one last message there.  Asking me why I dropped her.  Needless to say, blocked now there too.

I’m telling you because this is the first direct person to person scam I’ve had someone try on me over the internet.  Yeah, I was a scam virgin, but it was oddly voyeuristic on my part.  It was like watching some strange animal try to feed through some strange ritual.  I almost felt a pang at letting this critter go without poking and prodding it too see just what made it tick.

Well, perhaps another time.  But for you, watch for someone named Brena(something) and be wary of her ‘friendship’.  May all of your online friends at least be friendly.


2 Responses to “And on Valentine’s Day too”

  1. 1 Scott February 15, 2008 at 8:23 am

    Wow, that takes guts!

  2. 2 valerie February 23, 2008 at 1:52 pm

    Yeah they’re getting bolder and taking more time to pull this junk off, aren’t they? Glad you weren’t suckered.

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