10 Reasons You Need to Go to SOBCon08

Char over at Essential Keystrokes has written a good piece on why you need to go to SOBCon08.  Some of these are my reasons for going as well.  You can check out the full blog post here.  But below are a couple of my favorites.

10. Chances are your friends, family and co-workers don’t “get” blogging.

Ain’t that the truth.  My folks really don’t understand any of the geeky stuff I do, let along anything to do with online stuff. My mother thinks it’s all about porn and my dad thinks it’s just a big waste fo time.

6. Share ideas and forge relationships.

Amen to that!  I’m very excited about meeting some of my favorite bloggers in person as well as meeting new people.  The blogosphere often seems very spread out, but meetings like this help to shrink that universe.  Meeting Liz Strauss, another one on the 10 reasons list, is an exciting opportunity as well as the possibility to chat in person with Chris Brogan and others.  Who knows? I might find more than one blogger with similar interests as mine, and form a partnership.  Heck, and new friends are always welcome.

So what’s your excuse for not going? Check out SOBCon08 and see just what it could do for you!


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