GrandCentral and Blogger – Phone me!

Blogger, the Google blog platform, and GrandCentral, the call me from online service, are joining together.  Now you’ll be able to add a GrandCentral Call Me button on your Blogger blog  side bar.  You can check out the post on the Blogger Buzz for more details.

So what’s in it for you?  Well if you are a blogger and ever wanted to have a way for folks to talk to you, this is it.  GrandCentral provides a voice mail box and does not share your true personal phone number.  They assign you a GrandCentral number.  You can have the calls forwarded to your cell phone or just left on the voice mailbox.  The messages are even available for download.  This works great if you’d like readers to be able to leave voice comments.

So give it a go if you’re a GrandCentral user blogging on Blogger. If you need an invite to GrandCentral, I’ve got a few left. Just let me know.


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