Coloring in an online life

A forgotten joy

I’m sitting here and reminiscing about coloring books and crayons.  I used to love those as a kid; didn’t you?  The clean, colorless world of those pages, just waiting to be brought to life by us and our imaginations.

Yet those pages weren’t blank, nor were they unscripted. In contrast, each page told a story, or part of a story. The stories could be short and happy, longer and dramatic, and likewise the scenes simple or complex with many turns, and twists, and corners.  They all lacked one thing though, life.

Those stories weren’t truly told until we’d put crown to paper and told our version of the story.  Our sky could be purple, and our grass orange, while the cat was pink, and the water black, all just for us. We took those simple tools, the crayons, and breathed our life into those pages.  Each one uniquely our own. Each a mix of our experience and vision.

I’m coming to visualize the Internet and social media the same way, like a huge coloring book.  The pages are blogs, YouTube, Utterz, Facebook, and more.  What do we color them in with? Our own hands, voices, spirit, and experience. Our own vision.

YouTube is the story of sharing videos, and it’s only one coloring books worth though. It’s waiting out there for you and I to take our own pack of colors to it, and make reality  of our experiences and dreams.  We don’t have to have blue skies, and brown dogs when we flesh out a video, ours can be a world of the mildly different with funky colors, all the way to the supernatural, with ghosts and things that go bump in the night.

Facebook and Utterz are special coloring books if you will. In these, you can use all types of crayons, from video to voice, text and more.  There are many avenues of expression there.

So many choices, and so little time? Which book will you pick, and what color will your skies be?

Special thanks to Daniel Johnson Jr for dragging me into ooVoo to chat about blogging, podcamps and more.


2 Responses to “Coloring in an online life”

  1. 1 rjmoriarty March 4, 2008 at 6:14 pm

    Fantastic! A very gripping way to “color” my image of the internet. 😉

  2. 2 tojosan March 4, 2008 at 6:20 pm

    Thanks RJ and thanks for stopping by.

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