Twitter Relationships – Are you leading the pack?

When you look at this chart from the Twitter blog, just where do you find yourself?  More than 90 followers – check. More than 90 you follow – check. Hmm. Top 10% on both?  Does that put you in the top 1% then of all Twitter users?

But your not alone.  Recent numbers are rumored to be approaching 1 million for Twitter users. 1% of 1,000,000 is about 10,000 users. Woah.

So maybe you’re not totally alone. For a good bit of you, I’m willing to be you have more Twitter contacts than family, friends, and coworkers put together. (Discounting overlap of such with Twitter of course.)

What’s a guy or gal to do with this bit of trivia? Nothing, I say!  Just take it in stride and know that soon enough your boss, your mother, and that strange cousin with a crush on you will all be on Twitter, and your tweets about hot buns and etc might just have to be cut back on.

Hey, wait, was that new Twitter follower my nephew? Now how to explain about Stripper Fridays.


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