Why SOBCon Matters

Terry Starbucker brings us his take on why SOBCon matters to him and why it should to you and me.  Terry talks about conference planning and how it’s impacted him.  As well, he talks about SOBCon’s cofounder Liz Strauss and working with her.

Terry is convinced about the value of the SOBCon conference. He’s not the only one. I’m convinced as well.  Great bloggers from across the blogosphere will be on hand.  They’ll be leading us through several models or paths that a blogger can pursue.

Beyond just reviewing ways to make our blogs successful will be the networking.  It’ll be me and 249 other bloggers plus the conference presenters working together.  An intensive day of learning, planning and growing along side one another.  A day that will result in not just solid workable take aways, but friends.  The ground work for a success network will be layed that day.

I’ve not attended and yes, I have high hopes, but I want you to question yourself. Is your blog really successful? Can you even tell? Do you even have goals for it? Where will it be a year from now?

For a lot of us that blog those questions are tough to answer.  I believe at this time that the cost of the conference is worth it as investment in myself and the future of my blogging efforts.

What are you willing to invest to move your blog to a full time business?

Please take a minute to check out the SOBCon site and see if this is your conference for the year.


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