E-Cards – Free Fun Funky

Tired of those ordinary e-cards? Over dancing squirrels? Had enough of those scary and speedy tunes that blow you out of your chair? Then this e-card site is for you.

Carded.Tv brings a whole new angle to sending e-cards. These e-cards just don’t talk; they have your voice.  No more sending a card that has the person’s name just spelled it; they’ll hear it!

Here’s a handful of the unique cards available.


Oh yeah, “You Texted Me!” is for you and your text happy friends.  The NERDS one is for all of those folks on Facebook that keep inviting me to Pirates, Ninjas, and Robot Monkey applications.

You won’t find your grandma’s greetings here.  These are all original with video from the very short and simple to more involved.  The players in these cards are into it.

You can leave your feedback and let the folks there know what you want to see.

Best part? You can contribute your videos for consideration!

Go, check it out, and send hilarious e-cards. Your friends will laugh, and you’ll be a hit.


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