SAP Global Survey: Pistachio’s Laura Fitton

Shel Israel bring it home again with another great interview, Global Neighbourhoods: SAP Global Survey: Pistachio’s Laura Fitton.

My favorite quote?

All my work now comes from people I know through Twitter. All of it. Not only do all my clients come from Twitter, by the time someone contacts me, they thoroughly understand how my mind works and have already decided I am the one for the project.

Laura Fitton, @Pistachio on Twitter, is everything this article describes and more.  She’s outgoing, and spirited, sharing and engaging; she’s one of my most interesting contacts.

Laura and I became contacts some months ago.  Since then, she’s not just someone I’ve listened to, but had several conversations with. She’s me and others with crisis in her life, and the joys as well.  Laura sought those of us in her network out for thoughts about her website, her business, and her blog.

Nothing fake comes across in those connections. Lively, honest, and fun communication is her way of doing business online. It seems to stand her well offline as well.

It is my hope to go beyond simple conversations to becoming long time friends, and perhaps business contacts as well.

Do you know Pistachio?


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