What do you do?

     People who don’t know you love to ask what you do.  Here in the Midwest that often is asking what you do to earn a living.  With the growing breadth of online tools and toys, more people don’t just ‘do’ their job.

     Ordinary folks like you and I not only do programming, or teach grade schoolers, but we blog, make videos, create social media and network.  We don’t just network either; we inspire, conspire, and admire; we encourage, uplift and share; we are not passive.

     So when I ask my contacts and friends what it is they do, I don’t want to just hear how they bring home the bacon, I want to know all they are in what they do.  I want to know that you write and inspire through your blog, to know that you raise funds for cancer by making videos, or that you raise kids in a digital world.

     In this spirit, I polled my Twitter pals, and here are the answers they gave.  Enjoy.

     Do you know these folks? Any of this sound familiar? Perhaps one of these is you, or very close.  Note that on one up there does just one thing.  Many have a full life living and doing a variety of things. It’s not a crime to specialize but don’t sell yourself short.  Very few of us wear only one hat.

     Ask yourself today, and be ready to answer when we ask, what do you do?  What do you do?

1 Response to “What do you do?”

  1. 1 Kristen Forbriger April 28, 2008 at 10:34 pm

    When people asked me this at Podcamp NYC, it was the first time I’ve stopped to think before answering “what do you do?” I do much more than PR these days… I blog, I tweet, I read, I learn, I play with friends, and the list could go on forever.

    I guess I’ve also tried to answer this question with my twitter bio: “giver. learner. runner. (social) media nerd. total spazz. always competing. relating to the public. still lost in transition.” I think it’s fairly accurate, but it can hard to sum up everything you are — or want to be — in just 140 characters.

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