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Super Tojosan!

Super Tojosan!

Originally uploaded by Nanna J

Yep, that’s me!


ToJoSan @ SOBCon08


Originally uploaded by bjmccray

That’s me, there, with the camera. Yeah, I know. It’s so unusual. Ha.
Thank you BJ!

And then…

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toonlet: toonlet news: make an art pack

Toonlet, one of my favorite Comic 2.0 sites, is bringing the masses into tooncraft. Toonlet is letting ordinary folks create new art packs for them.

This is your chance to get your work out there. Sketch much? Then you’re half way there.¬† They provide the basic sheets to work from, all you have to do is draw the pieces.

To get started, just click here. There’s a generous agreement to agree to, and then a starter pack to download.

You can be famous on the Internet, so why wait, sign up today!

Austin Flickr Support Group

Flickr support groupOriginally uploaded by .simis.

Simis is hosting the first Austin Flickr Support Group right here in her house! It’s tough with all of us cruising Flickr and commenting at the same time. Lots of fun, and great shot Simis.

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The Forbidden Kingdom

Jackie Chan + Jet Li = Must see!See the trailer here.