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The Inspiration that is Twitter


Ironically, it has managed to spawn more innovations and hype—clients, web applications, memes, contests, meetups—than any of the big, bloated social networks. This is interesting because Twitter is not just a “web application”, which, literally, is an application that exists on and uses the Web. It’s an activity taking on many different forms in scattered locations, whose very nature seems viral, and whose openness seems almost unprecedented.

     That was taken from this fun and informative read, The Inspiration that is Twitter at Wisdump. The article doesn’t just mention what Twitter has inspired but shows ton of great links with snapshots of a good deal of them.

     Links to Twitter inspired services, mashups, and even t-shirts abound in the article. Want to poll your friends? Find the hottest links shared on Twitter? See the latest memes? Find the top followers and followed folks?  Then the links are here in this post.

     All this goodness is well organized into groups, with pictures to highlight quite a few of the services.  My favorite stuff is the Twitter related t-shirts.  Now I’ve got to go buy some.  Do you sell any?!  Give us some links.

     Give this great article a perusal and learn more about Twitter and all the things it’s spawned.

PackRat Tips – Steal your way to the top

So you’ve been playing PackRat a little while and realized you can’t seem to get those higher point cards, and your friends keep dumping the low spots on you.  Well don’t fret.  You don’t have to wait until you can buy a high point card to steal the ones you want.  You can steal your way to the top.

Let me show you the progression I made in just minutes.

I purchased this.


And stole this:


Which I then swapped up for this:


Within a couple of minutes, I stole this with the pooch:


And to take it up just a notch, I stole this:


And last, but hardly least…


The whole of all of those thefts was under 10 mins.  It took longer to find something up the next point range.  This seems obvious, but it’s the quickest way to get those higher number cards that don’t show up in the markets.

Doing the steal upgrade path works because of the small gaps in value.  Yes, you can get lucky with larger gaps in value, but the smaller differences make swaps less risky.  This is important when you have lots of swaps to make. You don’t want to lock out a ‘friend’ with lots of good cards for swapping.

The best thing about this is that the value of the card to you is meaningless.  It doesn’t have to fit a set, and doesn’t have to be one anyone would steal back.  Additionally, because you keep stealing up, and lots of folks steal using a higher or equal point card for safety, the risk factor of heading backwords is minimal.

So if you’re stuck, just buy the cheapest card you find and the market and get stealing!

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Twitter Top 5 Things We Wish We Could Do


I and several hundred contacts love Twitter. Here my Twitter page. We love it so much in fact, that we really wish there were more things you could do with it.

To be fair, there are already a ton of good Twitter tools out there. Here’s a link to the Twitter wiki. Of all of those, the one folks seem to be using the most is the linkage with iwantsandy.

Yes, things exist, but could there be more? The rest of us think so. Here’s 10 ideas.

1. Order takeout – my favorite choice – this idea is copyright Todd Jordan @2008.

2. Send tweets of support to the  troops of your choice – idea from @Dayngr

3. Dictionary lookup – perhaps via @dict? Syntax such as @dict en renegade with the 1st def returned in 140 chars or less?

4. Make phone calls – perhaps through special Twitter application?

5. Distribution of tweets to email or blog via tags or key words – very useful potential here – perhaps tweet to @postit?

What are your ideas? Are you a startup with a great Twitter mashup? Comment, leave me an email – tojosan/gmail, or DM me on Twitter, @tojosan.

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PackRat – Facebook App Obsession

Obsession has a new name, PackRat. Someone on my contact list introduced me to PackRat and now I’m addicted.

PackRat is a Facebook application that’s part card collection game, and part thievery. The rules are simple.

1. Form a set and put them away in your vault.

2. Buy cards to complete sets.

3. Steal cards from your friends to complete sets.

There are very few wrinkles beyond that.

You gain levels by putting sets in your vault and by stealing cards from your contacts. Each card belongs to a master set, and there are numerous sets. Sets are made up of common and uncommon cards, some of which must be combined to form other cards in the collection.

To keep you from losing friends, PackRat provides some built in rat friends for you to steal from. That, combined with being able to purchase cards, allows friends to play without becoming fierce competitors.

All of the cards are family safe as far as I’ve seen, and not a few are great for a laugh. The Primary Colors 2008 set contains various modern day political figures, with some surprisingly good likenesses.

The game is simple enough to learn that teens and adults can play along side.

Overall, this game is sure to be a hit for those that love card collection games of the not so virtual variety. Adding the family safe factor makes it one I recommend giving a try.

See you in the game. (clicking the image will take you to the Facebook application page)

** UPDATE: click here to read about the wiki site.


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Facebook Chocolate and your contacts?

Mashable tells us about how Mars UK is setting up a Facebook application to send your contacts real chocolate.

From the article, here’s the gooey goodness:

“And even if you did know the address of the person you wanted to send a bar to, there are a bunch of friends out there whose address you may not have, but you’d love to send them a chocolate bar anyway. So what Mars does is send along points, which the recipient can redeem at a participating PayPoint store.”

Man, I’m in for that, and I know several of my contacts would be as well.  When will other companies do the same.  I’d support companies like Apple for example if they’d do the same thing.

Please click through and read the entire article.

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