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Blog Aggregation – Getting it right?

The adventures in blogging continue.  Blogging and aggregation is a hot topic in St. Louis lately.  If you blog, you’ve dealt with the up and downsides of it.  If your blog has RSS, there’s a good chance someone is aggregating it.  Maybe that happens inside an RSS reader, but it can also happen at a blog aggregator site.

What’s the harm? Those sites can be both helpful and harmful. Some aggregators capture the entire content of the RSS feed and redisplay it on the site.  Kinder ones showcase the blog feed with human designed setups.

What can you do to get it right? Create your own aggregator of course!

Some of us bloggers are getting together, forming a project to talk about making a better aggregator.  I can’t give up the site yet. It’s still very bare bones.  Currently a team is being assembled.

It’s stirring up in St. Louis. Here’s a little background for that too.

What are you doing about your blog and aggregation?


Contest Ninja?


In all seriousness there was no ninja in the contest that I know of.  But if he blogged, he’d have had a shot too.

SOBCon is all about the bloggers.  You can read here what last year’s participants had to say.

Here are 3 key reasons SOBCon08 is going to be even better than SOBCon07:

1. Bigger. More attendees. More planning. More to talk about. More to do. More, more, more, more.

2. BAP. “The SOBCon08 program guarantees to send each attendee home with a Business Action Plan that can be immediately executed for measurable success.”

3. Biz. School, that is. An even stronger focus on business blogging and how to use blogs to boost your business.”

Me? This will be my first time. I’m excited about the opportunities this will present. Not only a chance to mingle but learn.  The sessions will be very focused with the end result a plan I can take forward for blogging as a business.

Currently there are no ads on this site, however that is not for a lack of interest. What I’d like to do is get it right. That applies for social networks as well.  Where can I best spend my time and resources?

What are you doing with your blog and your social networks? Are you merely marking time or are you making progress towards your personal and business goals? Has your online life profited you today?

Check out SOBCon and see if it’s for you.  It might just help you answer those questions.

And the winner is…


The SOBCon Contest is over and I won. Yes, you can read the details on the SOBCon site, but I’ll give you the short and skinny here.

First things first, because the SOBCon contest is over, I’ve taken down the big cartoon encouraging you to visit the SOBCon site. No more need to do it to help me.  That said, I encourage everyone that’s into blogging and wants to take it up a notch to visit and consider going to the conference.

“The grand prize is a free registration to SOBCon08, plus two hotel nights.”

I’m planning on spending Friday and Saturday nights in the Club Quarters, near the conference center.

“We’d also like to give one more big shoutout to our contest co-sponsor, Plante Moran Financial Advisors.”

Yes, there is a sponsor.  I’ve not used Plante Moran Financial Advisors, but I’ll be sure to give them a look.  Thank you Plante Moran.

 “Congratulations Todd!!

And thanks to all who participated in the contest – your promotion of this event has been most appreciated.”

Thank you SOBCon Team!  See you there soon.

For others attending, please check out the wiki:

Why SOBCon Matters

Terry Starbucker brings us his take on why SOBCon matters to him and why it should to you and me.  Terry talks about conference planning and how it’s impacted him.  As well, he talks about SOBCon’s cofounder Liz Strauss and working with her.

Terry is convinced about the value of the SOBCon conference. He’s not the only one. I’m convinced as well.  Great bloggers from across the blogosphere will be on hand.  They’ll be leading us through several models or paths that a blogger can pursue.

Beyond just reviewing ways to make our blogs successful will be the networking.  It’ll be me and 249 other bloggers plus the conference presenters working together.  An intensive day of learning, planning and growing along side one another.  A day that will result in not just solid workable take aways, but friends.  The ground work for a success network will be layed that day.

I’ve not attended and yes, I have high hopes, but I want you to question yourself. Is your blog really successful? Can you even tell? Do you even have goals for it? Where will it be a year from now?

For a lot of us that blog those questions are tough to answer.  I believe at this time that the cost of the conference is worth it as investment in myself and the future of my blogging efforts.

What are you willing to invest to move your blog to a full time business?

Please take a minute to check out the SOBCon site and see if this is your conference for the year.

SOBCon Wiki for Attendees

Let’s network!  Swing on over to the SOBCon wiki and edit yourself in. It’s a great way to get together early and plan things. See you there!

I’m an SOB and proud of it!

I'm an SOB

Yes, you heard me, I’m an SOB. Wanna make something of it?

That might be misleading you a bit.  The truth is that Liz Strauss over at Successful Blog selected me.  Specifically she selected this piece by me.

I appreciate that most because she’s taken time out to be supportive, and inspiring to me and hundreds of others.

So, yeah, for all of those that always knew, I’m officially an SOB.

SOBCon Registration Brings Perks

SOBCon cartoon

SOBCon, one of the premiere blogging conferences, is adding a lot of perks to registrants. If you were worried about getting a little something extra, then worry no more.

“Thanks to our sponsors you’ll also receive:

  • a copy of ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett
  • 60 attendees will get free design and SEO consults from Network Solutions experts.
  • a $99 lifetime hosting offer from THC
  • a pro account at E-Junkie
  • a free subscription to Blogger & Podcaster Magazine and a chance to join their new USA Today guide
  • a professional video interview on you and your biz for BlogTV sponsored by Fuel My Blog

and more to come . . .”

How about you? Have you registered yet?  SOBCon looks to be one of the best conferences again this year.  Just check out the program and the presenters.

If you want to turn up the power of your blog, please give SOBCon a look.

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I was pinged for this meme by my friend Paisano. So what can I tell you that you might not know? Most of my big stuff I’ve shared on the net but perhaps you’ve never scoped through the reams of pics, and articles to see. I’ve decided to save you some time, and pick some pics to illustrate my 8 things.

Me back in the Navy

I was in the Navy and served on two different submarines.

Daughter in law and my grandchildren Christmas

I have three wonderful granddaughters. Two oldest are twins.

Stephen King Book Collection - partial

I’m a big Stephen King fan from long ago. Borrow one?

Lunch - steak and shrimp

I’m a foodie and I take photographs. I have a group just for dining out photos.

Dairy Queen - painted in my mall

Huge DQ fan, especially of Blizzards.

One Pepsi not in line

I like me a little Pepsi products.

Dragons revisited

Dragons are a big favorite of mine. You could do worse than to gift me one. Hint.

Shadow me? Gumball noir?

I own an authentic and working gumball machine, complete with gumballs.

If you want to read more stuff about me and my attitude, do check out the About page.

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Aggregation? Aggravation!

So you start blogging. Next step, you’ve got your RSS feed being distributed. Heck, you probably didn’t even have to sign up for that. That RSS feed, you don’t realize it at first, but lots of folks are latching onto it to read your posts. They are subscribing themselves in a tool called a feed reader. If they want, they can still visit your site, but now they can save themselves the trip. And life goes on.

But one day, your readership tapers off as well as your RSS subscribers. The clicks go down, and you begin to wonder if your content sucks or what. Being certain it can’t be your writing or lack of goods as a blogger you start searching around.

It’s then you find it; there’s a site aggregating your content. A site that is taking your feed and posting it right back onto the front of their homepage. Not just an aggregator clearly showing that you’re a contributor but not related to their company, but an aggregator selling ads on the side.

So you step back and think. Is this adding value to your site or stealing it. Yeah, you’re just not 100% sure it’s legal, and yeah it’s aggravating but what to do? No point ruining your name or someone else’s but you have the right to your opinion about this practice. Naturally, you do what you know best; you blog.

This is really happening to friends of mine. My blog hasn’t been added to the site. I am an interested party though, and wanted to share what my fellow bloggers had to say.

I encourage you to visit the blogs. Read them through, and consider what’s said. Agree or disagree, that’s your right, but please take an interest. It could be your blog next.

News Bitch

Little Bald Doctors

WOBL in Training


The State of Discontent


Slacker Moms-R-Us

MidwestBlogs -St Louis


Highway 61

A Bun’s Life

Courtney Watson

The Art of Self Destruction

I’ll post more as I gather them. Stay tuned.

If reading about all this isn’t your thing, then might I suggest kittens.

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SOBCon08 at The Summit Executive Center

SOBCon08 is of course being held in Chicago, and it’s new home there it top of the line.  The conference will be held at The Summit Executive Center.

The Summit Executive Center is  in the heart of downtown Chicago on N. Michigan.  Their site really makes the place sound exciting.  Can’t wait to get there.

Nearby hotels abound as well as being close to many attractions.  Most likely I’ll find time to visit one or two in the evenings.

If you want to find out more about the SOBCon bloggers conference, please check out their site.