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Online Trust – Snail Mail

You’ve joined Facebook, Twitter, and have a blog; your contacts have grown from your next door neighbors, coworkers and school friends to folks all over your country and beyond and now one of them wants to send you a postcard.

Receiving a postcard seems like such a small thing, and relatively safe.  Your friend seems nice; they are the like you in many ways, except they live 2000 miles away. But then you start remembering the stories.

Stalkers and other creepy types abound on the Internet. Molesters showing up at homes; spammers flooding mailboxes; undesired materials showing up at people’s door steps.  You don’t want any part of that.

What’s a digital world person to do then?

I’ll let you hear the voice of Twitter.








You can see where this is headed.  Giving out a real address is not considered good advice.  The alternative? Business or PO Box.

Luckily, if you live in the US, the US Postal Service provides PO Boxes.  You can read about that service here. Similar services are also available privately.

This discussion has sealed the deal for me. I’ll be PO Box shopping next week.  How about you?

What will you do when you’re ready to get that postcard from Timbuktoo?

Austin Tweetup – Live with Tojosan

Austin made me feel welcome in more ways than one.  Heck, they even named a store after my son, Randall’s.  Throughout the week folks were courteous and welcoming.

That and they kept apologizing for the weather.  Yes, when it’s below 70 something or the least bit clowdy, they think the weather is bad.  Heck, it was flooding in our neck of the woods when we left and cold too boot.

Austin brought Nanna J and I opportunities for dining experiences, cultural discoveries, and making new friends.  Simis, a photographer friend,  hosted us for the entire week. My favorite shot of her.

Serious Shooter

During our visit were were able to not just meet with Simis, but with several other contacts of mine from Twitter. We had lunch out with @Orchid8.

Sharing thoughts over lunch

We had breakfast with @mikeneumann:


Dinner with Simis:


And then a whole dang tweetup hosted by Kim Haynes.

Tweetups Rock!

Several folks turned out for the meetup and made us feel quite welcome. We didn’t just talk about Twitter either. No, we talked about blogging, social media, photography, and social networking. But beyond that, we had opportunity to talk about each other, Austin, and food. You know that last one is dear to my heart. Ha.

As you can see, just meeting folks was a busy week. I’ll have to do another post about the cultural stuff I guess. Expect a post just about the food as well.

For a visual recap of our week in Austin be sure to check out Flickr. I’ll be adding more pics to that set over the next several days.

In summary, the trip to Austin brought me closer to folks in my network than just being virtual friends.  We talked, we laughed, and we broke bread together.  Those are the makings of a lasting friendship.  Heck, in all the excitement, I made some new friends too and so did our friend Simis.

What are you doing with your next vacation? Seeing the Grand Canyon, or closing the loop with friends? Can you manage both like in our Austin trip?

Twitter Relationships – Are you leading the pack?

When you look at this chart from the Twitter blog, just where do you find yourself?  More than 90 followers – check. More than 90 you follow – check. Hmm. Top 10% on both?  Does that put you in the top 1% then of all Twitter users?

But your not alone.  Recent numbers are rumored to be approaching 1 million for Twitter users. 1% of 1,000,000 is about 10,000 users. Woah.

So maybe you’re not totally alone. For a good bit of you, I’m willing to be you have more Twitter contacts than family, friends, and coworkers put together. (Discounting overlap of such with Twitter of course.)

What’s a guy or gal to do with this bit of trivia? Nothing, I say!  Just take it in stride and know that soon enough your boss, your mother, and that strange cousin with a crush on you will all be on Twitter, and your tweets about hot buns and etc might just have to be cut back on.

Hey, wait, was that new Twitter follower my nephew? Now how to explain about Stripper Fridays.

Contacts, Friends, and Meetups


So I’m going today to the 1st meeting of Social Media Club St. Louis and I’m wondering if I should. Oh, not because it won’t be fun, or constructive, and not because I won’t make new contacts, but for just the opposite. I’m worried about making too many new contacts.

That’s right, too many. I’m quickly facing the point in my social networking and media relationships cycle where there are just too many folks to keep up with. Contacts galore, but you say, how many of them do you pay attention to. Too many and not enough.

I’m now following hundreds of contacts on Twitter, some on Utterz, and countless blogs via RSS. That’s not to mention messages and interaction on Facebook and other smaller spots. And today’s meetup is bound to bring me more cool folks to follow and interact with.

So what’s a guy to do? I’ve already talked about social networking contact issues here, here, and here. Still my conclusion is the cliche, less is more. How am I accomplishing this?

There isn’t really one answer for me, but here’s how I’m going to handle it today.

1) Give folks my almost universal ID – tojosan – good for Twitter, Utterz, and more social networking and media sites.

2) Give folks my blog information

3) Accept and note down their universal IDs and add them as contacts

4) Get their blog information – and subscribe on a trial basis

My expectations?

1) Two or three out of a dozen plus will become regular contacts

2) Two or three will have blogs of real interest to me

How do I feel about that? Just fine. Honestly, more of them would just be attention thieves from the others. Will I stop following the blogs? Maybe not, but they’ll be relegated to the weekly vs daily checks for sure. Since they are local, it might be hard to pass them up. The key criteria will be subject matter though. I’m very uninterested in political ranting, and much more interested in articles about restaurants, tech, and movies.

Will you be screening your new potential contacts? Or will you just keep adding anyone that you meet? Is it exclusionary to put off making contacts of folks that you aren’t interested in, if they are interested in following you? What’s your plan for your next meetup?


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