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Tojo and Nanna J – Jimmy Buffet Concert

Todd and Sharon at Jimmy Buffet Concert     Nanna J and I got treated to the Jimmy Buffet concert this past Thursday.  Her brother picked us up in a limo and carted us off first to dinner, then to the concert in style.

     You can see us in the pictures at various times during the evening.  It was good fun, and Jimmy was in good form for us.  What a great treat for our anniversary.  Thanks Jerry.

Austin Flickr Support Group

Flickr support groupOriginally uploaded by .simis.

Simis is hosting the first Austin Flickr Support Group right here in her house! It’s tough with all of us cruising Flickr and commenting at the same time. Lots of fun, and great shot Simis.

Supermodel Sharon

supermodel SharonOriginally uploaded by .simis.

Portrait of my Sharon, aka Nanna J, by Simis.  Simis is one of my favorite photographers on Flickr and this week she is hosting us in Austin, Tx.

This was taken at the Loop 360 bridge on the outskirts of Austin. We did a whole photo session at the bridge. You’ll see some shots of that later. Look forward to more pictures of hers and ours to be posted here.

Simis and Nanna J

Two sweet ladies meet for the first time. Simis is hosting Nanna J and me in Austin this week. It’s hard to tell who is more excited.  Ha.

Look forward to more pictures of us all over this week. Please click through and show Simis’s pictures some comment love.

Watch Your Step

Watch Your Step

Originally uploaded by Nanna J