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FriendsForSale – Facebook Addiction Again

FriendsOnSaleFirst there was Scrabulous, more recently Packrat, and now? FriendsForSale. You read the right, Friends For Sale. Go figure that would be popular. What it amounts to is you can ‘purchase’ your friends for game dollars.

Each of your friends that’s never been purchased starts out at the same price. As a person’s persona is purchased, the value goes up. The increments are fairly small at first, but quickly escalate.

Purchasing a person is not a straight buy either. There is a markup factor as well as profit for the current owner. Also, the person being purchased receives a little bit of game cash. This results in those being purchased frequently acquiring a good bit more cash than those that receive few or no purchases. Purchases can be made of unowned personas as well as those owned by others.

Basic play aside there are a couple of camps of folks involved in this game. Those that see it as demeaning, and those that just see it as fun. The demeaning side can be seen in how a person is bought and sold, as some would say, like a piece of garbage sale junk. Even others in that camp just see the game as another way to feed on the cliques and elitism they see happening in social networks and social media across the board.

On the flip side, those just in it for the fun do have a few interesting takes on it. Some treat it like a trading card game, with each trade being more like stealing away someones best rookie card. Some take the fun into more risque things, playing up on the innuendo of ‘owning’ someone. And of course there’s the crowd that just finds it another cute game to play with friends.

The truth, in my opinion, is that neither side is all the way wrong. Elitism is hard at play in this game in a way, but more of elitist worship. It’s the groupie effect. Persons like Robert Scoble and Jeff Pulver bring the most cash for purchase. Yet ostensibly, neither plays the game themselves. But because of hero worship, the one who owns becomes envied. Now is this all bad? Not really, it’s definitely a parallel to collecting trading cards.

Trading cards have value based on how famous the player on the card is, and how hard the card is to get a copy of, and finally, what sentimental value there is. Friends For Sale’s economy behaves the same way essentially, with social media rockstars being generally the most valued cards as it were. However, like in trading card collection, there are a wealth of those collecting their personal friends over the rockstars.

Unlike in collecting trading cards though, there’s one big difference. Any player can buy your cards right out from under you in FriendsForSale. All they need is enough game dollars. This can make the game frustrating to participate in, especially when you play with your friends.

My thoughts on it? If you have time to play more games, this one is a low involvement game, with no clear winners or losers, and the game bucks are free every 4 hours. There are definitely worse games and applications on Facebook.

If you don’t have time for more Facebook games, why the heck did you read this far?

Go, buy your friends, and steal my cards. I dare you!


PackRat Tips – Steal your way to the top

So you’ve been playing PackRat a little while and realized you can’t seem to get those higher point cards, and your friends keep dumping the low spots on you.  Well don’t fret.  You don’t have to wait until you can buy a high point card to steal the ones you want.  You can steal your way to the top.

Let me show you the progression I made in just minutes.

I purchased this.


And stole this:


Which I then swapped up for this:


Within a couple of minutes, I stole this with the pooch:


And to take it up just a notch, I stole this:


And last, but hardly least…


The whole of all of those thefts was under 10 mins.  It took longer to find something up the next point range.  This seems obvious, but it’s the quickest way to get those higher number cards that don’t show up in the markets.

Doing the steal upgrade path works because of the small gaps in value.  Yes, you can get lucky with larger gaps in value, but the smaller differences make swaps less risky.  This is important when you have lots of swaps to make. You don’t want to lock out a ‘friend’ with lots of good cards for swapping.

The best thing about this is that the value of the card to you is meaningless.  It doesn’t have to fit a set, and doesn’t have to be one anyone would steal back.  Additionally, because you keep stealing up, and lots of folks steal using a higher or equal point card for safety, the risk factor of heading backwords is minimal.

So if you’re stuck, just buy the cheapest card you find and the market and get stealing!

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PackRat Wiki – Look up your sets here

So you’ve been playing the wonderfully addicting game PackRat over on Facebook. You’ve noticed thought that your friends are both leveling up faster and getting all kinds of cards you’ve never seen before. Wondering what’s up, you could just ask your friends, and hope for the best, or you could head here.

The PackRat wiki is really just one page but it’s dense with information. Each set of cards is listed, with pictures. An added bonus? Formula’s for cards that can be made are listed as well. Ha, you didn’t know that did you? That make button actually does something.

Go, check out the wiki, and really start playing with strategy!

My initial review can be found here.

***UPDATED*** Wiki link corrected to

PackRat – Facebook App Obsession

Obsession has a new name, PackRat. Someone on my contact list introduced me to PackRat and now I’m addicted.

PackRat is a Facebook application that’s part card collection game, and part thievery. The rules are simple.

1. Form a set and put them away in your vault.

2. Buy cards to complete sets.

3. Steal cards from your friends to complete sets.

There are very few wrinkles beyond that.

You gain levels by putting sets in your vault and by stealing cards from your contacts. Each card belongs to a master set, and there are numerous sets. Sets are made up of common and uncommon cards, some of which must be combined to form other cards in the collection.

To keep you from losing friends, PackRat provides some built in rat friends for you to steal from. That, combined with being able to purchase cards, allows friends to play without becoming fierce competitors.

All of the cards are family safe as far as I’ve seen, and not a few are great for a laugh. The Primary Colors 2008 set contains various modern day political figures, with some surprisingly good likenesses.

The game is simple enough to learn that teens and adults can play along side.

Overall, this game is sure to be a hit for those that love card collection games of the not so virtual variety. Adding the family safe factor makes it one I recommend giving a try.

See you in the game. (clicking the image will take you to the Facebook application page)

** UPDATE: click here to read about the wiki site.


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