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Texas Butterflies – They know how to grow em

A butterfly at rest
Man, do they ever!

Actually what you are seeing is a giant iron wrought butterfly.  This is one of three at the Zilker Botanical Garden in Austin, Tx.

My wife and I had a great time taking pictures at the garden.  The butterflies are just a bit of the unique things to see there.

Temple in the gardens

Of course there were flowers as well.

Purple Beauty

Pink Joy

And of course fairies…

Fairy in the gardens

All in all, a magical place to visit. Cheers.


Flickr Video Beta Coming Soon

Dan Farber, CNET News,  brings us the scoop here. He’s found out that Flickr Video Beta should debut next month.

Will Flickr Video replace Yahoo Video?

“Flickr Video will not replace Yahoo Video, unlike Yahoo Photos, which was folded into Flickr. The audience for Flickr is different, Kakul Srivastava, director of product management at Flickr, told me. She used the term “authenticity” to convey the esprit de corps of the Flickr photo community, which numbers more than 23 million contributors.”

I’m excited about the Flickr Video Beta even if it replaced Yahoo Video and/or competed with YouTube.  If Yahoo can bring the same ease of use and community that Flickr Photo has, then they’ll be on the right track.

Let’s keep our eyes open on this one folks, and if you snag an invite before me, be sure to share.

I’m tojosan on Flickr.

Gnomad – Traveling Gnome – Tojosan House

Gnomad has arrived in the St. Louis area!

Hmm, he smells friendly

Charlie had to give him the sniff test and welcomed him to the family!

Gnomad has been traveling the States by way of Flat Rate US Postal Service post. His box was  full of fun stuff, including a journal.

Of course, Nanna J and I had to pose with him, and make him feel welcome.

Gnomad and I headed out a couple of hours later for a night in St. Louis.  More to come shortly.

Shashi B. Does SxSW – Pictures

Shashi, a social media guru from up in D.C. is down in SxSWi this weekend.  And from his pictures, he’s having a blast!

I hear he’s rubbing elbows with another friend, Liz Strauss, of SOBCon and Successful Blog.

If you are hanging out down there and have a minute, how about visiting his photo set and tagging them.