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Tojo and Nanna J – Jimmy Buffet Concert

Todd and Sharon at Jimmy Buffet Concert     Nanna J and I got treated to the Jimmy Buffet concert this past Thursday.  Her brother picked us up in a limo and carted us off first to dinner, then to the concert in style.

     You can see us in the pictures at various times during the evening.  It was good fun, and Jimmy was in good form for us.  What a great treat for our anniversary.  Thanks Jerry.

Comics and cartoons by Tojosan

Tojo’s Cartoons and Comics

Shameless plug for my newest blogging effort.  I’m considering moving it to it’s own site when I move this blog in the near future.  Do drop by, leave a comment, heckle me a bit, or find a way to send money. 🙂

Feel free to leave me suggestions, requests, or comments at the new site. It’s for you, my readers, to enjoy your time online just a bit more.

See you there.

Tweetclouds – Tojosan style

Tweet Clouds

Twitter zen again

\showing zen?\

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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I was pinged for this meme by my friend Paisano. So what can I tell you that you might not know? Most of my big stuff I’ve shared on the net but perhaps you’ve never scoped through the reams of pics, and articles to see. I’ve decided to save you some time, and pick some pics to illustrate my 8 things.

Me back in the Navy

I was in the Navy and served on two different submarines.

Daughter in law and my grandchildren Christmas

I have three wonderful granddaughters. Two oldest are twins.

Stephen King Book Collection - partial

I’m a big Stephen King fan from long ago. Borrow one?

Lunch - steak and shrimp

I’m a foodie and I take photographs. I have a group just for dining out photos.

Dairy Queen - painted in my mall

Huge DQ fan, especially of Blizzards.

One Pepsi not in line

I like me a little Pepsi products.

Dragons revisited

Dragons are a big favorite of mine. You could do worse than to gift me one. Hint.

Shadow me? Gumball noir?

I own an authentic and working gumball machine, complete with gumballs.

If you want to read more stuff about me and my attitude, do check out the About page.

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Microsoft wants Yahoo – Toondoo toon

Gnomad – Traveling Gnome – Tojosan House

Gnomad has arrived in the St. Louis area!

Hmm, he smells friendly

Charlie had to give him the sniff test and welcomed him to the family!

Gnomad has been traveling the States by way of Flat Rate US Postal Service post. His box was  full of fun stuff, including a journal.

Of course, Nanna J and I had to pose with him, and make him feel welcome.

Gnomad and I headed out a couple of hours later for a night in St. Louis.  More to come shortly.

Connie Reece makes Tojo jokes?!


Peas on Friday?

peas on friday?