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Twitter Attack?

Twitter ninja attacked?

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toonlet: toonlet news: make an art pack

Toonlet, one of my favorite Comic 2.0 sites, is bringing the masses into tooncraft. Toonlet is letting ordinary folks create new art packs for them.

This is your chance to get your work out there. Sketch much? Then you’re half way there.  They provide the basic sheets to work from, all you have to do is draw the pieces.

To get started, just click here. There’s a generous agreement to agree to, and then a starter pack to download.

You can be famous on the Internet, so why wait, sign up today!

Blog Aggregation – Getting it right?

The adventures in blogging continue.  Blogging and aggregation is a hot topic in St. Louis lately.  If you blog, you’ve dealt with the up and downsides of it.  If your blog has RSS, there’s a good chance someone is aggregating it.  Maybe that happens inside an RSS reader, but it can also happen at a blog aggregator site.

What’s the harm? Those sites can be both helpful and harmful. Some aggregators capture the entire content of the RSS feed and redisplay it on the site.  Kinder ones showcase the blog feed with human designed setups.

What can you do to get it right? Create your own aggregator of course!

Some of us bloggers are getting together, forming a project to talk about making a better aggregator.  I can’t give up the site yet. It’s still very bare bones.  Currently a team is being assembled.

It’s stirring up in St. Louis. Here’s a little background for that too.

What are you doing about your blog and aggregation?


Contest Ninja?


In all seriousness there was no ninja in the contest that I know of.  But if he blogged, he’d have had a shot too.

SOBCon is all about the bloggers.  You can read here what last year’s participants had to say.

Here are 3 key reasons SOBCon08 is going to be even better than SOBCon07:

1. Bigger. More attendees. More planning. More to talk about. More to do. More, more, more, more.

2. BAP. “The SOBCon08 program guarantees to send each attendee home with a Business Action Plan that can be immediately executed for measurable success.”

3. Biz. School, that is. An even stronger focus on business blogging and how to use blogs to boost your business.”

Me? This will be my first time. I’m excited about the opportunities this will present. Not only a chance to mingle but learn.  The sessions will be very focused with the end result a plan I can take forward for blogging as a business.

Currently there are no ads on this site, however that is not for a lack of interest. What I’d like to do is get it right. That applies for social networks as well.  Where can I best spend my time and resources?

What are you doing with your blog and your social networks? Are you merely marking time or are you making progress towards your personal and business goals? Has your online life profited you today?

Check out SOBCon and see if it’s for you.  It might just help you answer those questions.

SOBCon Registration Brings Perks

SOBCon cartoon

SOBCon, one of the premiere blogging conferences, is adding a lot of perks to registrants. If you were worried about getting a little something extra, then worry no more.

“Thanks to our sponsors you’ll also receive:

  • a copy of ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett
  • 60 attendees will get free design and SEO consults from Network Solutions experts.
  • a $99 lifetime hosting offer from THC
  • a pro account at E-Junkie
  • a free subscription to Blogger & Podcaster Magazine and a chance to join their new USA Today guide
  • a professional video interview on you and your biz for BlogTV sponsored by Fuel My Blog

and more to come . . .”

How about you? Have you registered yet?  SOBCon looks to be one of the best conferences again this year.  Just check out the program and the presenters.

If you want to turn up the power of your blog, please give SOBCon a look.

Twitter Relationships – Are you leading the pack?

When you look at this chart from the Twitter blog, just where do you find yourself?  More than 90 followers – check. More than 90 you follow – check. Hmm. Top 10% on both?  Does that put you in the top 1% then of all Twitter users?

But your not alone.  Recent numbers are rumored to be approaching 1 million for Twitter users. 1% of 1,000,000 is about 10,000 users. Woah.

So maybe you’re not totally alone. For a good bit of you, I’m willing to be you have more Twitter contacts than family, friends, and coworkers put together. (Discounting overlap of such with Twitter of course.)

What’s a guy or gal to do with this bit of trivia? Nothing, I say!  Just take it in stride and know that soon enough your boss, your mother, and that strange cousin with a crush on you will all be on Twitter, and your tweets about hot buns and etc might just have to be cut back on.

Hey, wait, was that new Twitter follower my nephew? Now how to explain about Stripper Fridays.

Life and Live Casting – I have crazy contacts


Have you ever watched someone making video while they drove their truck? Filmed from inside the truck?  That’s Jeff Hibbard and his idea of social media gone crazy.

What about the live parties with chat and video from all over and guests? That’s what Jonny Goldstein brings us every Wednesday evening.  Now that’s a party and half to be part of.

These two guys bring the fun and social back into social media.  What makes these two interesting the most?  The conversational tone and viewer involvement.

Jeff doesn’t just sit there and make faces or act goofy. Okay, he does some of that.  Jeff does more though, by talking to us, about us, and he gives you the feeling of being there.  Especially when he’s talking with us while filming out the front window of the truck.  Cheers to Jeff.

Jonny? He’s all about the real time conversation.  Not content to just act silly by himself like most of the YouTube folks out there, Jonny invites guests each week to join him at his place for a live party.  And guess who else is invited? That’s right; you and I are invited along.

Jonny puts him and his guest(s) online live, and even brings in the occasional guest on another camera.  Jeff Hibbard joined one time live from the truck!  Now that’s what social media is all about.

Though I’ve highlighted Jeff and Jonny, they are far from the only two out there that are engaging us with their efforts.  One of my other favorites for putting the social into social networks and media is Jeff Pulver, who recently brought us his Personal Social Networking Toolkit.

So what interesting and fun things have your social networks brought you? Who engages you? Share with me?

Contacts, Friends, and Meetups


So I’m going today to the 1st meeting of Social Media Club St. Louis and I’m wondering if I should. Oh, not because it won’t be fun, or constructive, and not because I won’t make new contacts, but for just the opposite. I’m worried about making too many new contacts.

That’s right, too many. I’m quickly facing the point in my social networking and media relationships cycle where there are just too many folks to keep up with. Contacts galore, but you say, how many of them do you pay attention to. Too many and not enough.

I’m now following hundreds of contacts on Twitter, some on Utterz, and countless blogs via RSS. That’s not to mention messages and interaction on Facebook and other smaller spots. And today’s meetup is bound to bring me more cool folks to follow and interact with.

So what’s a guy to do? I’ve already talked about social networking contact issues here, here, and here. Still my conclusion is the cliche, less is more. How am I accomplishing this?

There isn’t really one answer for me, but here’s how I’m going to handle it today.

1) Give folks my almost universal ID – tojosan – good for Twitter, Utterz, and more social networking and media sites.

2) Give folks my blog information

3) Accept and note down their universal IDs and add them as contacts

4) Get their blog information – and subscribe on a trial basis

My expectations?

1) Two or three out of a dozen plus will become regular contacts

2) Two or three will have blogs of real interest to me

How do I feel about that? Just fine. Honestly, more of them would just be attention thieves from the others. Will I stop following the blogs? Maybe not, but they’ll be relegated to the weekly vs daily checks for sure. Since they are local, it might be hard to pass them up. The key criteria will be subject matter though. I’m very uninterested in political ranting, and much more interested in articles about restaurants, tech, and movies.

Will you be screening your new potential contacts? Or will you just keep adding anyone that you meet? Is it exclusionary to put off making contacts of folks that you aren’t interested in, if they are interested in following you? What’s your plan for your next meetup?


Click here to help me win a free ride to SOBCon08. No registration or anything. Just click.



Social Networking Overload?


Or is it spreading yourself too thin.  How many social networking sites do you belong to, and how many are trying to get you to aggregate your contacts there?  Most evident in my  case is Plaxo and Spock.  The invites have been coming in from folks I know on other networks, because those people have just joined up.  But is it worth doing, or will some of those networks go by the way side?

I’ve been a Plaxo member for quite some time, as well as a member of LinkedIn.  Most recently I’ve joined Spock.  Of course, I’m on Facebook and other sites as well.  Honestly? It’s making me crazy.  I can’t remember all the networks I’m party of, let alone keep up with them or my contacts there.

Consolidation would be great.  If only all of my contacts would just pick one network, sign  up, and stay there.  Not happening soon I’d say.  And why not? It’s the ooh-ahh factor in part.

Yes, the online culture is one of follow the shiny newness wherever it shows up.  Each new tool or network that pops up, a slew of my contacts will begin using it immediately, dragging the less ADD types along shortly. This has the effect of leaving old and well used networks high and dry of networking.

So what’s a network socialite to do? Jump ship like the rest of their friends?  Abandon the old tried and true?  Perhaps dig in their heals and stay behind?

I recommend a third alternative. Pick a few and stop.  Draw your line in the sand at your two or three life essential networking sites and tools and leave the rest to develop.  Find the best tools you can that return the most value for the time you spend.

Making the top three choice can seem difficult if you focus totally on the quantity of contacts.  Contact quantity though, does it really speak to the value of that network?  The key is what does that network provide you in terms of true connectivity, ease of use, and ability to take action through and with that network.

Believe it or not, my favorite social networking tool is Twitter.  It’s simple, easy to use, and allows direct conversation between friends.  No special client is required.  Tons of add ons as well.

Second favorite? Facebook.  Facebook allows me to add more contacts than I actually have. I can contact them simultaneously.  We can quickly form groups, organize photos, plan events, and support common causes.  A very actionable site, as well as easy to make contact through.

Plaxo, LinkedIn, and others may be good address books, but there is little that you can accomplish there that a good Rolodex product wouldn’t serve the same purpose.

So you’ve selected your two or three favorite usable and high value networks, what next?  Here’s a few tips on how to stay dug in.

1) Reach your contacts through your key chosen networks and not just to say hello.  Contact them to accomplish things.  Form a group, exchange ideas, or better yet, meet in person.

2) Let folks know you’re there – List your chosen network contact information in your signature, and on your other networks.  Make sure your blog refers to them.

3) Let your contacts know why – Let everyone you contact or have contact with know why those are your chosen networks. Give them reason to check them out and join, or maintain their use of that network.

4) Expand your contacts on those networks – Get to know more people on those networks.  Get to know the founders if possible.  On Twitter, it is possible to make direct contact with the founders on their own service. Likewise on Utterz, and Seesmic as well.

So if you want to stop the madness, then start with yourself.  Be picky about where and how you network.  Making a choice is important not just to keep in touch with your friends and fellow business contacts, but it’s about your brand as well.

Brands can ‘be everywhere’ or they can really be present on the networks they are part of.  Which will it be for you and your brand?