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Don’t Go Naked in Second Life

Make your own clothes!

One of my busiest online contacts, Rose Fire Rising, is at it again. This time with a tutorial on making your own clothing in Second Life.

It’s a tutorial with pictures.  Necessary for us more visual thinkers.From the knickers out to the shirt, this tutorial takes you from basic creation through colorization, textures, and layering.  Highly recommended for those less skilled in SL design.

Check it out here

Small Worlds – Virtual World Newness

I took the chance to get an invite to a new virtual world, Small Worlds. Small Worlds is a bit different than you might expect.  In this day and age of 3-D this and that, with tons of fancy graphics, Small Worlds aims for content over 3-D. SmallWorldsSmall Worlds  starts you off with character design, with the focus on facial features.  You can pick shape, size, nose, hair, and more.  Variations to color and layering are available too.  From there you select your avatar and your initial residence.  Finally you are dropped into your virtual household.SmallWorlds - Todd Jordan's spaceAs you can see, the graphics are reminiscent of early 3-D/2-D games.  What it lacks in fancy though, it gives back in cool  You’ll notice next to my avatar a picture on the wall.  That picture is actually being pulled from my Flickr account.  The virtual display allows quite a flexible selection for pulling in from Flickr as well.It doesn’t end there.  YouTube videos can also be watched on your virtual television set.SmallWorlds - MO's Chill Box-2Shown above is a video from YouTube being displayed within the virtual tv.  As you  and others ‘watch’ a tv, one of you is given control of the remote.  The user with the remote gets to select the videos and which one is playing.Of the remaining features, one more I’d like to mention if the radio.  Are you a fan of Last.FM? Then you’ll enjoy this.  Radio/CD players can be purchased.  They actually play music.  Music play configuration is about selecting either an artist or a tag to search for music on Last.FM.  Once set, your playlist begins playing. The player is local to whatever space it is located in.  My room, Todd Jordan’s room, has the CD player set to ‘dance’ for the Last.FM tag.I look forward to giving this a thorough testing in the weeks ahead.  If you are on there already, please drop by and visit my place.  Do leave a comment here and I’ll come visit yours.  If you’d like to give it a try, contact me for an invite.