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Social Networking Postcards


What did I get?

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How to become a real Twitter Geek…

Or I’m getting an @ sign from Jeff.


Yeah, I’m loved. 🙂


What do you do?

     People who don’t know you love to ask what you do.  Here in the Midwest that often is asking what you do to earn a living.  With the growing breadth of online tools and toys, more people don’t just ‘do’ their job.

     Ordinary folks like you and I not only do programming, or teach grade schoolers, but we blog, make videos, create social media and network.  We don’t just network either; we inspire, conspire, and admire; we encourage, uplift and share; we are not passive.

     So when I ask my contacts and friends what it is they do, I don’t want to just hear how they bring home the bacon, I want to know all they are in what they do.  I want to know that you write and inspire through your blog, to know that you raise funds for cancer by making videos, or that you raise kids in a digital world.

     In this spirit, I polled my Twitter pals, and here are the answers they gave.  Enjoy.

     Do you know these folks? Any of this sound familiar? Perhaps one of these is you, or very close.  Note that on one up there does just one thing.  Many have a full life living and doing a variety of things. It’s not a crime to specialize but don’t sell yourself short.  Very few of us wear only one hat.

     Ask yourself today, and be ready to answer when we ask, what do you do?  What do you do?

Social Networking Postcard Project – Week 4

     The postcards have been put out again. As in previous weeks, here and here and here, the opt in was closed on Friday night. The postcards are written, stamped and ready to go out. They should be leaving my local area on Monday, the 28th.

Twitter pals to get postcards this week are:

     Twitter pals of mine are given the chance on Friday night to DM me and ask for a postcard.  I’ve been of the mind that social networking needs to have more social involved.  In that spirit I’ve been trying to visit in person, talk on the phone, send personal video messages, and doing this postcard project.  At about 6 folks per week, this will take forever but it’s fun.

     I’ve been asking if folks will at least tweet about the postcard or write a blog post.  There’s no obligation though, and I hope no one stops themselves from asking over that worry.

     If you’d like to do the same thing, jump right in.  Whatever you do though, I strongly encourage you to not make Twitter your only social medium.  Get in there and connect with people.  Talk to them, write to them, send them a video or a song, but definitely make the effort.  People will notice.

     What are you doing to connect?

Twitter Search for Bloggers @ St. Louis Bloggers Guild

     Just a quick shout out to an article I posted over at the St. Louis Bloggers Guild, Twitter Search for Bloggers « St. Louis Bloggers Guild.

As Lisa pointed out, Twitter is a powerful tool for communication. It can reach thousands of people in just minutes. Twitter though isn’t just about the instant communication. Twitter is useful even when you aren’t online chatting.

     The article talks about three of my favorite tools for finding cool things and news on Twitter.  Tweetscan, Hashtags and Quotably are highlighted for search and discovery.  There’s a short bit about each tool including examples.

     Please give it a quick look; you might find you like one of those tools.

     *follow me on Twitter.

Twitter Attack?

Twitter ninja attacked?